완미세계 Apk Download For Android

Apk Download For Android

완미세계 Game Download For Android: This is a popular Role Playing game on Google Play and users also Download 완미세계 Apk from this website with a simple tap. We have already shared 완미세계 Game Review, Installation Method, Known and Unknown Information, and most importantly Official Direct Download Link of this Game.

We are going to share 완미세계 Apk Download, Installation, Gaming Tutorial, and More information through this post. If you want to play this game on your phone, so you may download it from this page. Before move forward to download, we suggest you read the full article. It will help you to know A to Z information about 완미세계 Game.


완미세계 For Android


You might know that, 완미세계 Game specially launched for Android Smart Phone. But users also can play this game on Pc and supported it on Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10. Currently, this Game installed on 500,000+ devices as per Google Play Store Statistics. Anyone Can Play in on their phone if their phone runs on Android 4.4+ Android Version.

In addition, if you want to play it on Pc so you can also do this without any problem. Before this, you should know “How To Play Android Games” on PC. If you already know this, so download this game using the above download link. But if you don’t have the idea to Play Android Games on PC, you may read the tutorial from this article.

Now, we want to share 완미세계 Game information. We hope it will help everyone to let them know how many features available on it. So, read the following information to get a proper idea about this game.

완미세계 Features


13년의 역사를 담아 재탄생한 역대급 MMORPG
2차 환생과 함께 찾아온 대규모 업데이트!

[신규 업데이트]
▶ 환생과 함께 누리는 새로운 즐거움, 2차 환생 개방
이제 새로운 즐거움이 시작된다.
2차 환생과 함께 펼쳐지는 짜릿한 모험!

▶ 연맹으로 뭉쳐 서버를 대표하라, 천공쟁탈전
이제 연맹 단위의 전투가 펼쳐진다
서버를 대표하여 신령의 땅을 차지하라!

▶ 하늘 위의 위험한 도전, 구름봉우리
아름다운 하늘 위에서 펼쳐지는 던전
구름봉우리에 도전하여 새로운 강자가 되어라!

▶ 이제 내가 바로 완미팝스타, 완미보이스
지금은 메타버스의 시대,
완미세계에서 당신의 가창력을 뽐내라!

[게임 특징]
▶ 13년의 역사를 담아 재탄생한 역대급 MMORPG
13년의 역사를 장인 정신으로 담아내어 완벽하게 재탄생했습니다. 다시 돌아온 인족, 천족, 요족과 함께 완미 대륙에서 그때의 감동을 되살려 보세요.
▶ 고품격 그래픽, 심리스맵
60,000킬로미터에 이르는 광활한 오픈 월드에서 리얼한 빛의 광원과 사계절의 변화를 느껴보는 동시에 주룡성, 적우성을 초대형 맵으로 재현한 공중 도시의 아름다움을도 함께 확인해 보세요.
▶ 육해공을 아우르는 전투, 3배 더 커진 즐거움
클라이언트 게임 특유의 비행 시스템을 사용하여 비행 플레이를 경험할 수 있습니다. 구름을 가르며 신나게 하늘을 날아보세요! 그리고 심해에 위치한 수중 던전에서 숨겨진 비밀을 탐사해보세요!

공식 카페: https://cafe.naver.com/wmsj
고객센터 이메일:[email protected]
개인정보취급방침: https://static.perfectworldgames.com/mapi/privacy/privacy_ko.html

[접근권한 안내]
원활한 게임 플레이를 위해 접근 권한을 요청하고 있습니다.
1. 선택적 접근권한
– 사진/미디어/파일 저장: 리소스 다운로드 및 게임 데이터 저장과 고객센터, 커뮤니티, 플레이 스크린샷 저장 시 사용합니다.
– 마이크: 게임 내 음성 채팅 등을 위해 사용됩니다.
– 카메라: 고객센터 문의 등을 위해 사용됩니다.
* 선택적 접근권한 허용에 동의하지 않아도 서비스 이용이 가능합니다.

2. 접근권한 철회 방법
– 안드로이드6.0 이상: 설정 > 애플리케이션 관리 > 앱 선택 > 권한 선택 > 접근권한 동의 또는 철회
– 안드로이드6.0 미만: 운영체제를 업그레이드하여 접근권한을 철회하거나, 앱을 삭제
※ 접근 권한 동의 후, 위의 방법으로 접근 권한을 재설정하거나 철회할 수 있습니다.
A record-breaking MMORPG reborn with 13 years of history
A massive update that came with the 2nd reincarnation!

[New update]
▶ New joy to enjoy with reincarnation, opening to the second reincarnation
Now a new pleasure begins.
Exciting adventure unfolds with the 2nd reincarnation!

▶ Represent the server by uniting as an alliance, the skirmish battle
Now, the battle of the federation unit unfolds.
Represent the server and occupy the land of the spirits!

▶ Dangerous Challenges in the Sky, Cloud Peaks
Dungeons unfolding in the beautiful sky
Challenge Cloud Peaks and become a new powerful!

▶ Now I am Wanmi Popstar, Wanmi Voice
Now is the era of the metaverse,
Show off your singing skills in the perfect world!

[Game Features]
▶ A record-breaking MMORPG reborn with 13 years of history
It has been completely reborn with a 13-year history of craftsmanship. Relive the emotions of that time on the Wanmi Continent with the In, Elyos, and Liaos who have returned.
▶ High-quality graphics, seamless map
Experience the real light source of light and the changes of the four seasons in a vast open world of 60,000 kilometers, while also seeing the beauty of an aerial city that reproduces Juryongseong and Jeonwooseong in a super-large map.
▶ Combat that encompasses land, sea, and air, 3 times more enjoyment
You can experience flight play using the flight system unique to the client game. Break through the clouds and fly through the sky! And explore the hidden secrets in an underwater dungeon located in the deep sea!

[Service center]
Official Cafe: https://cafe.naver.com/wmsj
Customer Center Email:[email protected]
Service Operation Policy:
Privacy Policy: https://static.perfectworldgames.com/mapi/privacy/privacy_en.html

[Access Permission Information]
We are requesting access for smooth gameplay.
1. Selective access rights
-Save photo/media/file: Used for downloading resources, saving game data, and saving customer center, community, and play screenshots.
-Microphone: Used for in-game voice chat, etc.
-Camera: Used for customer service inquiries.
* You can use the service even if you do not agree to allow optional access rights.

2. How to revoke access rights
-Android 6.0 or later: Settings> Application management> Select app> Select permission> Accept or withdraw access permission
-Under Android 6.0: Upgrade the operating system to revoke access or delete apps
※ After consenting to the access authority, you can reset or revoke the access authority by the above method.
■ 환생과 함께 누리는 새로운 즐거움, 2차 환생 개방
이제 새로운 즐거움이 시작된다.
2차 환생과 함께 펼쳐지는 짜릿한 모험!

■ 연맹으로 뭉쳐 서버를 대표하라, 천공쟁탈전
이제 연맹 단위의 전투가 펼쳐진다
서버를 대표하여 신령의 땅을 차지하라!

■ 하늘 위의 위험한 도전, 구름봉우리
아름다운 하늘 위에서 펼쳐지는 던전
구름봉우리에 도전하여 새로운 강자가 되어라!

■ 이제 내가 바로 완미팝스타, 완미보이스
지금은 메타버스의 시대,
완미세계에서 당신의 가창력을 뽐내라!

Well, that’s was A to Z information about 완미세계 Game. We hope you guys successfully understood this. So, if your mind wants to play this game on your Phone, so download it from the download link.


완미세계 Apk Download


We hope you will be curious to Download 완미세계 Apk to Play it on your Phone. If our idea is correct, then there is no need to worry! We are here to provide you the official download link for this game. So that, you can easily able to download it from the authentic source.

In case if you looking for the download link, so you are in the perfect place. You can play this game on your phone and access its features after downloading. Before that, we let you know that this is (완미세계) an official game for Android and available on Google Play Store.

So, anyone can easily get this from the official app store. But, if anyone needs 완미세계 Apk, so they can also easily able to download it from this page without having any issue.

For this, scroll up the slider and try to find out the download option. The download option is available in the top position of this article. Simply, click on the download button to enter the downloading process.

The downloading process will be starting automatically within a few seconds. Then click on the Save option to store it on your SD Card.

Additionally, if you want to get 완미세계 Game from Google Play, so you may read the following tutorial.

Google Play Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pwrd.pwmkr

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완미세계 Apk Facts


We admit that 완미세계 Game is the property of the Respected Developer and we already mentioned the Developer/Company Name in the above section of this article. If 완미세계 apk download infringes your copyright, please contact us. We will remove this Game as soon as possible.

Please do not submit DMCA Complaints. Just Contact Us! We will remove this content from our website.


Download 완미세계 from Google Play


Downloading Any Apps or Games from Google Play Store is really a very easy task. There is no need to think it is a hard step for newbie android users. Because your phone will help you to get this game from Google Play.

Every Android user knows that the Google App store officially installed on every android phone. For this reason, the users have the opportunity to install any apps or games anytime. To do this, you may follow the instruction from below.

1) First of all, open Google Play App from your Phone.

2) After that, Sign in there using your Email ID and Password.

3) Once successfully logged in, you will get a search box at the top of the Google Play App.

4) Simply, write “완미세계” Game Name in the search box and tap on the Ok button from the virtual keybord.

5) Now, you can see this Game after completing the above process. Simply, click on the “Install” option from this app.

Well, this app will automatically be installed on your Phone. The downloading process will be completed as per your internet speed. Once this game completely installed on your phone, you can enjoy 완미세계 easily.

How To Install 완미세계 Apk on Android?


The maximum number of Android user searching on the internet to know Apk file installation process after downloading the Apk. But a very few user know this procedure. If you do not know about this, then we are here to teach you.

First of all, make sure you have downloaded 완미세계 Apk and saved into your SD Card. Then follow the steps from below.

>> First of all, Go to the settings option from your phone. The settings option will be available on the top or bottom and you will see that when you slide up or down the window. Additionally, it is also available on Apps Galley.

>> Once you get the settings, tap on there, and after that tap on the “Security” menu.

>> After that, try to find out “unknown sources” and enable it.

>> Now, open your SD Card or File Manager after enabling “unknown sources” and open the folder where 완미세계 Apk File Located.

>> After getting this, tap on the downloaded app icon, and a new window will visible.

>> Read the “App Permissions” or read the agreement before installation.

>> Then tap on the “Next” button a few times to end the installation process.

So, this is the installation process for 완미세계 Apk. Now, enjoy this game on your phone.




Well, that’s was our post about 완미세계 Apk for Android. Here we shared 완미세계 Game Review, Downloading Process, Installation Process, and more information through this post. We hope you guys succeed to download this game from our website at ApkSan.Com.

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